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Editorial Board Outreach

Looking to get a politician or other policymaker on board with your proposal? You are looking for an op-ed or editorial.

A front page story in a newspaper is great. But depending on whom you are trying to reach, an op-ed or editorial supporting your position would be more effective in helping achieve your goals.

Shepard has crafted and successfully placed op-eds on topics ranging from calls for greater federal spending for ex-offenders, to the global need for increased development of vaccines in Third World nations.

There is no topic that Shepard canít write about in a compassionate, persuasive manner. If it is an editorial that is needed, Shepard knows how to take your message and craft it for the ears of editorial board members. SSC can help you turn your thoughts into a cogent argument that will have maximum impact with editors.

While at the Eisenhower Foundation and GMMB, Shepard successfully placed his clients in meetings with editorial boards at the Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Houston Chronicle, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) and dozens of other newspapers.

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